Saturday, July 20, 2013

Photo of the Week - July 20th

Let's not talk about the fact that "Photo of the Week" took a year-long sabbatical...instead, let's just focus on the beautiful faces below (and hope we do better this year!)!

During a visit to the Albanian neighborhood of Dizhonska we snapped this photo. There isn't a playground in this neighborhood and the kids often find themselves entertaining themselves in the street. "Mr. Cool", as I call him, was the only kid that realized I was taking the picture...he decided to strike a pose! This was just before we broke out the stickers...Ethan enjoys sharing stickers with the neighborhood kids. It only took a second before 20 kids were surrounding us but we were a little busy to get picture of that. Next time!


  1. Love this photo! "Cool" idea for Ethan to be the sticker guy and a great way to gather the children. Know you have been a bit busy, but do try for at least another photo of the week this year! hugs

  2. Awesone, Ethan is a great part of the team.

  3. Stickers are a great idea and so glad Ethan is enjoying "entertaining" the neighborhood children.