Saturday, August 17, 2013

Photo of the Week: August 17th

Many parts of the city of Skopje have been "under construction" as the government has been giving the city a "classical makeover." With over 40 new statues planned as part of the grand Skopje 2014 project, Skopje may soon be known as "the city of statues."

Despite the controversy surrounding the project, many of the new buildings, bridges, sculptures, and statues are quite beautiful! Here are a few of our favorite!

On the top and bottom left are statues from the Fountain of the Mothers of Macedonia around the newly completed "museum complex."  In the middle left, is the statue of the Fallen Heroes of Macedonia in Парк Жена - Борец (Park of Women - Combatant). On the right, Warrior on a Horse, is thought to depict Alexander the Great, though it is not officially named for him. This is Ethan's favorite because of the "dancing water" that falls from the top and shoots up from the bottom and from the out of the lions' mouths... if you stand close on a windy day you get sprayed!

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