Thursday, August 1, 2013

Where Does Your Garden Grow?

Walking through the "green markets" in Macedonia you wouldn't think that families struggle to provide nutritious meals for their children. Stall after stall is filled with beautiful, colorful, fresh fruits and vegetables and for most, the cost is reasonable. 

But there are too many families that can't afford a balanced and nutritious diet. We are grateful to have a grant to provide emergency food assistance to families that aren't able to provide food for their children, period.

 Jeff has always wanted to use agricultural efforts in ministry but doing that in an urban setting like Skopje can be difficult. The capital city of Macedonia is tight on space, most people live in apartments, and there aren't many private "green spaces." But with a little creativity and the smallest space...a garden can grow!

Jeff as implemented some urban farming techniques that are yielding great produce! Using cheap and simple "supplies," what are really recycled materials like plastic bottles and buckets, we are growing tomatoes, peppers, bell peppers, squash, radishes, and more! 

Where is this "garden" growing? Well, there are two gardens. One on our balcony and one in an unfinished apartment building. A common sight in Macedonia is unfinished buildings. Homes, apartment building that for economic reasons are uncompleted. Urban farming is about using space creatively, no matter how small or unconventional.

As we encounter the needs of those around us, for basic necessities like food, we are looking forward to sharing the harvest and helping families start their own "urban gardens" to provide nutritious food  for their families.

If you interested in partnering with us in agricultural ministry or have ideas to share, email us at!

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  1. What a beautiful garden. Jeff has a green thumb for sure. May the Lord multiply the harvest.