Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back2School Bash!

Our final weeks of summer were spent in preparation for the new school year! We had the privilege of celebrating not only the start of the school year but the FIRST YEAR of school for 22 children!

We  had a blast pushing our cart through the store to find all the required school supplies...pens, pencils, sharpener, eraser, rulers, composition notebooks, math notebooks, drawing paper, a backpack and more! Generous giving made it possible for us to purchase a new set of clothes for each child! 

Just like shopping, putting the backpacks together was a family affair! Organizing, sorting, folding, stuffing, and zipping...each of us had a job to do, including Ethan! As we stuffed the bags our prayer was that these backpacks of supplies would be more than stuff, that they would be a blessing to the families and an encouragement to the kids. 

In order to make the start of school a big celebration, ice cream and balloons are a must!! We enjoyed visiting with the children and their mothers and seeing their smiling faces!

There is nothing like 22+ hugs from the sweetest little kids and their mommas!

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