Friday, August 12, 2011

Language Learning

One of the biggest, most wonderful responsibilities God gave me is being Ethan's mommy. We pray for our little guy every day and hard on our hearts right now is Ethan's transition to a new country, culture, and language.  We know that God has called all three of us to Skopje and he will not forsake us!  We are excited that Ethan will have a global experience and that he will be multi-lingual. We are fully expecting that Ethan will have a handle on the language(s) long before we will.

We've been working on the {very few} Albanian words that I know with Ethan over the last few weeks. Every morning we greet him by saying "Mirëmëngjes, good morning!"  to which he will now say back to us with a BIG smile!   We also practice single words like apple (mollë) and ice cream (akullore) and he is picking them up really quickly.  Oddly enough, there are some word that he says that sound more like Albanian than they do English...hopefully this is a good sign!

I left work early today and picked Ethan up from "school" (aka daycare) and as we were driving home here's how our conversation went...