Saturday, December 22, 2012


In our feeble attempts to process the events of December 14th, Jeff penned these words. Though he calls his writings his "ramblings" his heart is expressed in these words. He graciously agreed to let me post them on our blog. _____________________________________________________________

Where is God in the darkness?   Where is God in the pain and sorrow?  Some would say that God is not there, or that God was never there. 

I cannot prove the existence of God.  I cannot say look here or there, that is God.  I cannot discount an individual’s experience.  All that I can speak to is my own experiences.  The event in Newtown, CT shakes me to the core.  I too have the question of why.  My heart is grieving.  I never met any of these children or teachers, but I was in pain that day.  I care because I am a human being, not because I believe in a God.  I care because it is painful for all of us.  My feelings are in distress regardless of the existence of any kind of deity.  I feel because I am a human being, and that day 28 of my fellow human beings died, and that hurts.  Days like these cause me to question why this could be allowed to happen.  I have no answer.  I do not know.  All I know is that it hurts me so much.