Ministry FAQs

We’ve had lots of folks ask us lots of really good questions, which we love! We’ve been asked to add FAQs to our blog, so here they are! Let us know if you have more.

Does Macedonia still exist; I thought that was just in the Bible days? 
Paul’s missionary journeys give us a biblical frame of reference for Macedonia. If you take a look at the maps below you will see that while they are in the same region, they are not exactly the SAME area.
Biblical Balkans
Modern Day Balkans
What will you be doing there?
For our first three-year term, we will focus heavily on learning the languages and cultures of the people we will be living and working among.  We’ll participate in ministry tasks and begin to identify areas of ministry but our main goal will be adjusting to our new environment so that we can be most effective and be able to stay long term.

How long will you be there?
This is a lifelong, indefinite calling. We are committed to investing our lives in Skopje Macedonia, among its people.  Until God calls us somewhere else, we will stay!
The technical answer is: CBF Field Personnel serve three-year terms on the field and then have a few months in the U.S.  During our time in the U.S., we will visit with family and friends, and continue the ongoing work of support-raising so that we can remain on the field.

Will you have to learn a language?
We will learn Macedonian and Albanian.  Macedonian is the official language of Macedonia. Most Macedonians speak some English and most official business can be done in English. The majority of Albanians speak Albanian and Macedonian, but very few speak English. Both of these languages are incredibly difficult (and, no, there is not a Rosetta Stone for either…that was the first thing we checked on).
Where will you live once you get there?  
Typical apartment building
On our first full day in Macedonia we looked at all three choices and picked one! We moved in three days later. We decided to live in Center which allows us to be very close to just about everything. It has quickly become home for us and we love it!

Will you have a car?
The CBF owns a vehicle in Skopje that we will use, eventually. One of the best ways to learn language and culture is to be immersed. A great way to do that is to ride public transportation! Plus, we have a lot to learn about driving in Macedonia and we think it’s important for us to be able to read the traffic signs, or at least know what the pictures mean. :)
What about Ethan? 
If you ask Ethan where he is moving to, he will say “Mass-donia”. He can almost find it on the globe! We are excited that Ethan will have a global experience, learn multiple languages, live out compassion, and learn to love all of God’s people. We anticipate that Ethan will know the languages long before we will! 

What organization is sending you?
We will serve through the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF).  The Fellowship is a network of churches across the globe that seek to spread God’s love among the most neglected and marginalized people in the world. Click on the picture, or follow this link to learn more about the CBF and the work that field personnel are doing around the world.

How can I join you?
We continue to me amazed at how God is moving people to participate in the ministry in Macedonia. We can’t go without the prayer and financial support people willing to partner with us! Visit our “get involved” page to see how you can join us!