Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Contents of My Purse

So, you mommies will relate to this... but while i was digging in my purse today to find change to buy a soda and i pulled out a half full bottle of formula from sometime yesterday, i hope... and a couple of days ago i had baby toys, a wet diaper, tampons that came out of the packaging and a rawhide dog bone!

uhhh...these days i'd LOVE to go to a shower and play the "whats in your purse" game... i think i could win now!!!!

I couldn't help but laugh... I LOVE mommyhood and the contents of my purse remind me how blessed I am!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Latest Lee Happenings

Well, June 1st started the summer of all summers! Here's a little of whats been happening in the last week!

Jeff started a summer job with the City's Park Department, he works 6:30am - 3:30 pm Mon-Fri. He is still at Sears three nights a week and on weekends so some days are REALLY long days for him!

Alicia started full time summer school in additon to working full time... it makes for late nights and early mornings!

But lets get to the important stuff! ETHAN!! June 1st marked a milestone for us as Ethan began daycare. My heart literally hurt as I walked way from his room- the room worker
could tell I was having a hard time and she told me I could come and check on him at lunch and thats when the tears started. I was trying to hold it all together until Jeff called to "check on me" and I lost it. I knew that it would be great for him but there is something about leaving your kid that was breaking my heart. All week between places to be I kept looking in the backseat of the car thinking "oh my god, i forgot him!" Day care has been wonderful for little ethan... he loves, loves, loves being around and watching the other children in his class! He comes home very worn out from the busy day and is usually still sleeping when it is time to get up and get dressed!

Ethan has MASTERED the art of rolling over! We have him sleep in one of those positioners to keep him from rolling over and that worked for a while but now... nearly immediatly after laying him down he rolls right over on his stomach...and I'm conflicted about that. Everything/everyone says "don't let babies sleep on thier stomachs" but I don't know what else to do to keep him on his back?!?!?! I wake up a couple times a night worried that he is face down in his bed unable to breath. Ughh, I don't know what to do.

We had a family outing to the Church's Night at the Zoo!! This was actually his second trip to the zoo but he slept through the first visit so this was exciting for us! It was an amazing time of fun and fellowship! We have wonderful friends in our church that are really so much more than friends!

We have experienced many firsts with ethan since the last post.... baby food, swimming, and more... but there is lots to get done while Ethan is sleeping.

Until next time!