Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Finally, a new camera!

I finally caved in and decided our camera is offically lost...:( - but I now have a new one that is permentaly attached to my hand so I don't miss one more cute picture opp of e.

First "new camera opportunity" came on Labor Day weekend when YaYa and Auntie K.K. came to visit! We visited the new and WONDERFUL exhibit at our local zoo. Here are a few favorite shots:

There was a long line to get in but Ethan chilled in his stroller.

Our Sweet Ethan!!

Clearly, he is growing up so fast! He loves to be a helper and is already such a gentleman. He is the funniest little boy ever and it is a joy to watch his personality develop!

Right now he loves:

-having his daddy put him to bed- he proudly declares "nite nite mommy" on his way to his room

-applesauce or danonino yogurt for a pre-dinner snack

-playing at the park

-singing songs with motions

-walking through the branches and leaves of our willow tree!

I look forward to all the wonderful snapshots I'll be able to capture with the new camera! I've missed enough!


  1. Well, aren't you the clever one to start a blog now that you are done with school. I LOVE it. I will be reading it often, so keeps those pictures coming!

  2. Cute pics! :)

    P.S. Rest assure the lava rocks are gone gone gone...and not in your back yard!