Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Haircut Time

Time for a haircut. Ethan loves to watch sports so we take him to SportClips for haircuts (this is only his third haircut)

The wait time was 40 minutes, which is a crazy long time for a 2 year old to wait for something he didn't even want! So, we walked around Payless located next door and found "CARS!!!" house shoes. These were cleverly placed on the row at eye level for a 2 year old so he couldn't miss them! The lollipop was the last ditch effort to keep him from crying while we waited. (Haircut day is the only day he gets a lollipop)

Tried sitting with mom but he wanted dad.

Notice how they are both fixated on the game on the TV.

His hair was still wet but this is the after picture. He is saying "Cheese"
(he is eating leftover "noodles" from dinner, our new favorite pasta is radiatori!)

He wanted to wear his "CARS!!" pajamas to bed with his new "CARS!!) slippers. He went around the house sliding his feet, saying "vroooom, vrooom"- He slept with his slippers on all night!

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