Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blessings of Encouragement

Lots of discussions in our home have centered around how big our God is and how he is moving in our lives. We keep asking ourselves why are we surprised when God moves in big ways.  Over the last few weeks God has used his church to encourage us in mighty ways and we can't keep them to ourselves any longer! 

A few weeks ago we received an email from a family in Dallas that came across our blog while researching ministry opportunities on the CBF website. We were humbled to read that they felt God's leadership to open their home to our family and friends during Jeff's hospital stint. Wow! They are also planning a trip to Greece and Macedonia next June, around the time that we plan to be there. How cool!

Last Wednesday Jeff spoke to a youth group pastored by a friend of ours. The purpose of the visit was to engage the students in global missions and share about the ministry in Macedonia. Jeff came back stoked that the students were excited to learn about the people we will be living among. They had lots of excellent questions (many of which will be included in a FAQs section we are working on for the site).  At the close of Jeff's time there, he was told that the youth group was committing to our monthly financial support! What an example these students are setting! We are excited for the prospect that some of these students just might come join us in Macedonia for a mission trip in the future!

Just the other day my mom shared that she secretly submitted us to the KLTY Christmas Wish and that a family chose our family to bless this Christmas. This special family has saved money all year to bless a family for Christmas - truly amazing.  If that wasn't gift enough, they have offered to make frozen homemade meals for us since we will be traveling between my mom's home and the hospital. I was already in tears and then she said that the woman is an elementary education teacher and has activities available to help make Ethan's time away from his schedule and school more enjoyable. A-MAZ-ING.

These were wonderful encouragements during what could be a very discouraging time for us. We can't wait to meet these special families that already feel like family to us! We are blessed to be apart of the church!

Thank you for your continued prayers!

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