Thursday, September 13, 2012

Holding it together? or Bursting out?

After an airline strike postponed my homecoming three extra days I couldn't be more excited to grab my bag and find Jeff and Ethan and give them great big hugs! As I waited for my bag to come around on the conveyer belt I noticed this sad, unfortunate bag coming around the corner.  I thought to myself, "those people aren't going to be happy about that". But as soon as I completed that thought I heard myself saying out loud, "oh no, that's my bag!".  Ha.

To be honest, I looked at this bag as a bit of an inconvenience but Ethan saw all the possibilities...he just knew the bag was full of gifts from Texas! Sometimes I think our life can be a little like this bag.  Don't you?  Some of us feel like we are barely holding it all together. Maybe others of us are bursting at the seams and can hardly contain our joy. A lot of symbolism can be found in this bag, huh? This "bag of inconvenience" served as a little reminder for us, what about you?

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