Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Crazy June

Well, May flew by in a hurry. We aren't sure if it flew by so fast because we had so much to look forward to in June or because we weren't home a single weekend in May. Either way, we have been highly anticipating the arrival of June since March and back then if felt so far away.

We've deemed the month of June as "Crazy June" in our house, mostly because of how much traveling we will be doing. We had high hopes for getting things done before June. I lost count of how many times I said to Jeff "can we get that done BEFORE June?" so as I look around my house and see none of those things really accomplished it adds to the craziness.

So, you may be thinking..."what have they been anticipating, where are they traveling to?"
Today we leave for Atlanta, GA to attend New Field Personnel Orientation with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, including Ethan.  We are excited to reunite with our cohort group, some of the most wonderful people we know, who are going through the same process we are. I think you are instantly connected to people when you are going through similar experiences.  We have been reading books and doing online discussion with our cohort group over the last couple months but we haven't seen them since March.  During orientation we will learn tons and ask a lot of questions. We will be given a great deal of information, pray that we absorb it!  Also, pray for Ethan as he will adjust to a new place, new kids, and new caregivers for a few days. He is so great a adjusting to these type of changes so we hope things will go as smooth as always.

On Saturday evening, June 4th, Jeff and Ethan will head back to Abilene and I will meet the First Baptist Abilene team in the Atlanta airport to head to Skopje, Macedonia. God fully orchestrated this opportunity and I am so grateful! It's rare that CBF field personnel have the opportunity to go to their field location prior to the big move so we are in awe of this special blessing!  We will be working with the Earls at the Future of the Family Kindergarten and going in to villages around Skopje to learn about possible ministry opportunities. While we are at the kindergarten we will take the children to the zoo, teach two lessons, paint, and Dr. Moak, of our team, will be providing the children with much needed medical check-ups. Please pray that God would allow us to be sensitive to the needs around us and that we would be ready for the blessings he has in store for us! Please pray for Jeff and Ethan as they travel home from Atlanta alone and as Jeff works and cares for Ethan for 10 days without mommy around.

June 20th-25 the three of us will travel to Tampa, FL for the CBF General Assembly and Field Personnel Commissioning. We are thrilled that our parents will be able to join us for a day that has been a long time in the making and ordained for us. Our parents have known for a long, long time that we were called to serve in long-term, international missions and we have watched God faithfully prepare us for this time in our lives.

So like I said, it will be a crazy June. I will be home for a one weekend in June and a grand total of 9 days. We look forward to sharing with you more about each of our trips as we reflect on what the Lord will reveal to us. June is going to be full of blessings and we can't wait...maybe that's why May flew by so fast!

Off to the airport....

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