Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Health Update: Follow-Up Appointment

Jeff's follow-up appointment with the surgeon went VERY well! He told us that he expects Jeff to make a FULL recovery from surgery- a full recovery isn't always the outcome for folks that undergo this type of surgery so we are feeling extremely blessed!!  

We walked out with this little puppy....

Hallelujah!! Praise the Lord!!

Jeff has been released to ease back in to all of his normal activities! 
The first of which was a certain three-year old waiting patiently for his Daddy to PICK HIM UP!! 
The doctor said Jeff is doing so well that he will not require a face-to-face follow up appointment, instead we will call him in a couple of months to report that he's back to 100%!!

Thank you for your prayers!!

Much Love,

Jeff, Alicia and Ethan


  1. Great news.. Praise God. Hope to see you Sunday!!!

  2. What wonderful news!! We are so excited with you!! Arville and Shelia