Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Precious Gift!

Several weeks ago one of our wonderful GA (Girl's in Action) girls presented us with a heart warming gift and we realized that we haven't shared it with you! First, you have to understand that this little girl gets to pick one weeknight to have 1-extra hour past her bed-time to do whatever activity she'd like. We were so honored to learn that she used her extra hour to bless us!  She spent hours researching the web to create this special gift for us....

She made us a book of Macedonian phrases to help us begin our language study!


Many of you may remember that our biggest tasks for the first couple years will be to learn the culture and language. We will have to learn two languages to survive in Macedonia. We will learn Albanian and Macedonian, (eventually).  We'll start with Albanian because it's easier and because we will be working primarily with Albanians. After we have a handle on Albanian we will begin the even more difficult task of learning the Macedonian language. 

Thank you for your continued prayers for us as we begin the transition to life in Macedonia and as we face extremely difficult tasks, including language acquisition.

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  1. What a special gift!! And you know what - her Macedonian is great! You tell her that she gets and A+ on this book. Macedonians would understand her immediately. They would think that she was fluent in Macedonian and then she would have to continue her studies to say even more. Maybe she should consider studying "languages" in school. She is very good. Shelia